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May. 22nd, 2008


My first pictures here


As promised, here ar my first pictures here, I am not a professional too, but I hope you like them!

take a lookCollapse )

Mar. 11th, 2008



Welcome to the sh00t_a_pictur3 LJ community, the online journal community for any member who has strong interest or love digital camera, pictures, photography, and etc etc. Also, it can be anything else is related to digital camera and picture talents. This is open to anyone with questions, comments, advice, or an interest in the sh00t_a_pictur3 community and other photography issue. With great humility, we also look forward to your assistance, feedback, suggestions and ideas!

Community Rules

Here are some important rules that will be enforced on this community. FIRST, the owner of the Digital Camera Photographer community (and probably future moderators) reserve the right to remove any comment and any entry without explanation. If you have any question, please contact me at th3.gl0wing.3y3s@gmail.com.

1) “Be nice and respect, please.” - All comments should not have:
* any kind of discrimination
* racism
* threaten
* hateful
* spamming
* trolling
* bashing/insulting
* flaming wars
* to provoke members
* harassing other members
* enticing or provoking other members to cause them to get into trouble
* links to pornography or warez

2.) “Keep this community clean.” - All entries should not have:
* see the first number from above.
* to disable, freeze, unscreened, or delete a comment.
* to copy and paste any comment from this community on here or another site unless have a permission was granted by the other party.
* to provide a link/source whenever 'copying and pasting' contents from any form of the media. We take copyright infringement seriously. For more info, visit this link.
* PG-13 rated images displayed without using a lj-cut. (To see the third number from below.)

!! Important note -- To make sure you lock your entry before you post it, please. !!

3) “Using images properly.” - One or more than one picture or larger pictures should to:
* use a lj-cut (To see how to make a lj-cut here).
* use a resource link if all images in an entry are not yours.
* being a professional photographer isn't needed. ;)
* any kind of cell phones (Sidekick, Blackberry, etc) are PERMITTED to take pictures!

We DO support freedom of speech, show some respect, use common sense, and keep an open mind when participating in discussions.

LASTLY, any abuse towards the Moderators will not be tolerated. If you disagree with any of them, please contact me at th3.gl0wing.3y3s@gmail.com or my LiveJournal Talk.

First offense - WARNING*
Second offense - ANOTHER WARNING*
Third offense - 2 MONTHS BAN*
Fourth offense - 5 MONTHS BAN*
Fifth offense - 1 YEAR BAN*
Sixth offense - PERMANENT BAN*

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